I Will Open Up the Windows of Heaven

for You and Pour Out a Blessing..


          A few years ago, I purchased a little prismatic, pyramid-shaped light catcher with chime attached.  Like so many things it performed well where I bought it, but once hung in a window at home, the pyramid promptly dropped out of my awareness because it never seemed to catch anything but dust.  But one day, a startling shard of light caught my eye as I crossed near that window with digital camera in hand.  As is the case with so many things in life, there was an answer to the light-catching problem all along!  I just had to be willing to see it differently.  In this case I needed to go to it to see the light, because my normal path appeared to be out of its angular range of influence.  So began a fun ritual and love affair that lasted for many months [until it got broken] in which I took 100-300 photos almost daily and ran them through a viewer on my computer.  Ahh, the extravagant advantages of digital cameras—to be able to take so many pics like that!  So I must have taken thousands of photos of this little gewgaw.  

          Out in nature, many people have professed to experience “a presence” that had no apparent physical counterpart.  I am familiar with this, too, and tend to associate it with a preceding sense of intense feeling, such as wonder, reverence, joy, enthrallment, total immersion – a kind of “oneness-with.”  My felt response to the prism was like this – a sense of being totally enthralled with the endlessly dancing  patterns of prismatic splashes and glissandos of light.  That little-kid JOY seems to summon or draw forth from within Something I have no name for, which magnifies in turn the personal delight; it generates a kind of communion or reverberation between us.  If you are inclined to love sacred music, you know how you can feel in the presence of gloriously inspired music -- swept up into the heart of Something truly rapturous!  It feels to me similar, with one significant difference:  this warm, deLIGHT-full, loving Presence itself beholding you/me beholding it in some aware way.  

           A few days into this epic of daily delight, it occurred to me to ask this  Other-ness / Spirit to play with me.  I was imagining how It might itself take at least some of the photos and wondering how to let go enough to allow something to unfold spontaneously that could possibly convince me this was happening, if it did.  Please understand, in hindsight, I’m trying to give words and nuances to something that took place in a second or two that was wordless, an impulsive gesture to “come play.”  No more complicated or thought out than when you look at someone with whom you are deeply familiar and silently go wide-eyed, shrug your shoulders and open out your hands to them as if to say, “Well?”  And you know-that-you-know they know exactly what you mean. And of course -- of course -- they can’t help but respond.  There’s just no question; you ask, and they inevitably respond.

          And from that moment, every time I picked up the camera to focus on the prism, this feeling of intent welled up, waiting for the recognizable answer.  And I simply went on doing what I had been doing, having a ball taking pictures of my favorite subject – LIGHT!  What tended to happen was, I would just keep shooting pictures until I ran out of film, usually from about 150-300 photos.  And it was always exciting to see what they looked like on the computer.  By far the majority got dumped, but there were always quite a few that I kept. 

          I do not remember – this was all so casual and in the realm of timeless time – it may have been the next day or the next, or even the next.  But one day soon after, I was running through the pics afterward, and there was this one that was quite different.  I was trying to think where I might have taken it.  Daily I walked a few miles, and unless the weather was wet, I always had the camera with me and always came home with photos.  But I could not remember seeing anything like this.  I was thrown off because it looked so other than previous pictures taken of the prism.  As widely variable as these could be, still, this was something new.  There were billowing curtains [sheers] in it that did not match any I had, and my curtains never “billowed,” anyway, certainly not like this.  There was a window opened a little at the bottom.  Only one of my windows actually opens, and the pyramid chime was not in or within reasonable visibility of that window.  Not only that, but the look of this window doesn’t even match my windows! 

          There were these gold, filigreed medallions – at least those I recognized as a kind of artifact that frequently showed up in these pictures, particularly with this light catcher, but it was not unusual to see something like this with pictures where I faced into the sun when I was outdoors.  The colors were rich and non-variegated, which was part of what threw me off.  Almost always the blinds were down and open when I photographed the prism, because I liked the additional complexities of splintering lights so much, given this condition.  The coloring was more like you expect to see maybe around sunset.  And there appeared to be gold dust flowing around or out from under one side of the curtains or window.  That was the one thing I could identify as recognizable from my home—dust, but never this beautiful!  And interestingly, this is, to my knowledge, the only picture of the pyramid in which this kind of diffuse dust was apparent.

          It dawned on me as I was pondering all this that the image appeared to be of some-thing.  Most of the pyramid pictures – nearly all of them except for the ones of the pyramid-proper, where you actually see its form, are abstractions of light, not identifiable objects like a chair or a person or a tree.  Identifiable forms may be seen, such as the house next door that often appears in novel ways in the pictures of the pyramid, but not in the usual sense at all.  On the other hand, the mind has a need, a natural tendency to make meaning of whatever it perceives.  Clouds become faces and creatures; a vague noise is identified – not always accurately – as a this or a that, which seems to depend as much on mood as on anything physical.

          So I was looking at this pic, drawing a near-total blank, except I was now seeing this ‘picture’ of this window, slightly opened, with billowing gauzy curtains, with gold medallions and gold dust coming out from under the curtains.  And none of this looked like anything in or around my apartment.  I was sitting at my computer staring at this, and I looked up just above the screen to notice a bookmark I had ceased to “see” long ago, taped to the top of my desk.  It says,  

I will open up the windows of heaven for you 

and pour out a blessing.”  (Malachi 3:10, THB)

          After a moment of classic dumbstruck – this lightning flash of AHA finally caught up with me in the way of meaning.  This ‘picture’ perfectly reflected the meaning of this quote, which held special personal meaning for me from many years ago!  I finally got it that Spirit, by whatever name you love, had actually answered my question.  Indeed, it was playing with me, even as I had asked!!  As you can imagine, it's impossible to express what I felt for days afterward, and not much different these many months later; but goose-bumpy AWESTRUCK is in the ballpark! 

          From then until basically the little pyramid got broken a couple of months ago, I/We have been taking pictures.  The name of the game seemed to be how best to get out of the way enough.  The only way I could come up with to do this – and so much of the time I did not do it well, but I did keep trying – was, I would visualize giving over the camera to Spirit, and in the meantime I would turn the camera every-which-way, as long as it was pointed in the general direction of the pyramid, and including holding the camera on the opposite side of, yet pointed at, the prism; I never tried to focus or concern myself with how any of the features were set, at least not with the aim to accomplish anything specific as a pictorial outcome.  With the same whimsy that was applied to the direction, I would set up multiple pics with one click, or not, alter the focus this way and that randomly, things like that, just to keep them all from being ‘the same’ in any sense, and just let the no-think impulse lead me, clicking away until I ran out of film.

          The results?  Lordy, I don’t know!  Occasionally a photo would come up that appeared potent with meaning in some way, not unlike this one just described, framed in green in the string of photos at the top of most pages on this site, by the way.  Otherwise, there were, what appeared to me at least, to be many gorgeous photographs unlike anything I had seen before.  There were so many beautiful ones, that I couldn’t help but think others might enjoy them a lot, too, which was what first got me to thinking about setting them up on a website. 

          The meaning and richness of purpose behind the site continue to grow.  Bottom line is, the extraordinary experiences we have, from simple to profound, when we feel them to be direct encounters with the Ineffable and beyond all physical means to explain them, have a transformative impact on our lives.  The outcome of this process has been studied by quite a few people over the last 30+ years, who say this results in a strangely universal consciousness shift [aftereffects], often dramatically so.  Compared to how they and others perceived them prior to their spiritual AHA events, most such experiencers are much more impersonally loving and service-oriented.  They feel much more protective concern for all creatures and for the Earth.  They are highly likely to manifest various spiritual ‘gifts’, such as psychic or natural healing abilities or spontaneous talents they never possessed before.  Many of them would say they don’t ‘believe’ in spirit; they know from direct experience Spirit Is!  And they live out of that direct knowing and heartfelt connectivity.

          The phenomena of this nature span the entire world and in amazing numbers, and of course they have been documented in all cultures and across all recorded history.  This is what is ultimately transforming the entire world -- one person and one experience at a time.  These transformative experiences are what this and another much more expansive site [not online yet] are about.   I want to use both sites to increase others' awareness of these dramatically life-changing events and of their inestimable importance to all of us.  I am simply adding another voice to the already 'many' who share this understanding and keen appreciation of its import, which is a powerful and direct indication of just how rapidly this consciousness is developing globally.  Even five years ago, so much less was available.  In the USA at least, even as recently as 1990-ish, with the exception of a few clinical and research interests and a rare religious institution now and then, hardly anyone even dared mention such an experience, even to the loved ones they felt closest to!  At least not in western cultures.  So this is changing very fast!  Today, there are professionals in major hospitals in this country who routinely ask people in CCUs and ICUs, coming out of various crises, if they had a near-death experience.  We have come an impressively long way with this!

          But we have only just barely begun this adventure together.  Abraham Maslow and some of his grad students studied what he called "peak experiences" [another name for the same thing] back in the 1960s and -70s, "... the most wonderful experience or experiences of your life, happiest moments, ecstatic moments, moments of rapture," as he defines them.   He and his students made a surprising discovery in the process:  the more they studied and discussed these types of events, the more such events  spontaneously occurred in their individual lives.  What a breakthrough insight!  

           Taking a hint from Dr. Maslow and cohorts, the major thrust of the mission for this site is to encourage people to share their stories of this nature and to learn to be open to allowing, incubating or cultivating these types of experiences, because the more people who do, the more rapidly and deeply our world will change to reflect this after-experience pattern that is redefining what it means, according  to Rhea A. White, Ph.D. (Hon), and to 19th-century psychologist William James [often mentioned by White], to be Human.  Human in the sense that the more we grow and develop to reflect the highest and best we can be, the more we become increasingly what we fundamentally are as Human.  

          Many experiencers consider this to be the ultimate saving grace for this Earth and all its creatures; somehow this understanding is tacit to the experiences themselves.  With this as a commitment, to actively, intentionally allow in such experiences, we are together embarking on something never done before, certainly not on a global scale, and this is happening all around and in our very midst on a daily basis.  Seems to me if we consciously choose to participate in nurturing this kind of revelatory event -- this potential for personal and global transformation -- maybe fewer people [not to mention the planet and other life forms] would have to get there through trauma, negative dramas, and adversity.  . . Just a thought.  

          Rhea White's lifework unfolded directly from such an experience and is one of the most outstanding examples I know of of what a transformed life like this can be.  Have you ever wondered what it might be like to rest in the Everlasting Arms of Eternity?  Imagine carrying that experience with you through your life and how it might affect you.  Here is her story ... 



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